The 2D UPLC/MS system allows the online combination of two chromatographic columns with hyphenation to mass spectrometry.

The system consists of three pumps, a sample manager, two column managers, a PDA detector for the first dimension and a Xevo G2-XS QTof for the second dimension. The equipment uses the heartcutting technology, as well as At-Column Dilution (ACD) setup.

The first dimension can be used for any kind of separation since the trap column and the second dimension allow for desalting and buffer exchange prior to MS analysis:

  • Analysis of protein fragments and aggregates (SEC-RP/MS)
  • Analysis of protein charge variant (SCX-RP/MS)
  • Determination of ADCs drug to antibody ratio distribution and conjugation isomery (HIC-RP/MS)
  • Quantification of free drug present in ADCs (on line SPE-RP/MS)
  • On-line sample purification by affinity chromatography for protein characterisation (Immobilised Protein A column-RP/MS)
  • On-line sample digestion for mAb subunits characterisation (Immobilised IdeS enzyme column -RP/MS).

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