Jobs available

Excel Specialist

Scientific background with strong Excel knowledge

IT Lab Software Support

Fonction alliant des compétences scientifiques et informatiques. Bonne communication, orienté client.

SPECIALIST - Physico-chemistry

Good knowledge of (U)HPLC in applying existing analytical methods. Working experience in a regulated environment. Fluent in French, ability to read and write in English


Experience in applying, developing and validating ICP methods. Knowledge of HPLC and Ion chromatography is a plus. Fluent in French

SCIENTIST - Physico-Chemistry

Relevant working experience in the development and validation of analytical HPLC methods. Working experience in a regulated environment. Fluent in French

(U)HPLC Analytical Scientist

(U)HPLC strong expertise in a GMP environment. Fluent in French. Working experience with large molecules

SCIENTIST – Cell-based assays

Strong knowledge of Cell-based assays in a regulated environment. Experience in development, validation and application of analytical methods


Strong technical expertise in HPLC with relevant experience in developpement and validation of analytical methods
People management experience. Working experience in a GMP environment

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