Jobs available

SPECIALIST - Protein Characterisation

Very good knowledge of analysis of peptides/proteins/mAbs by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry on Q-TOF in a regulated environment.


Scientific background with good knowledge of biologics (antibodies, ADCs, mAbs, proteins, etc.) and relevant working experience in a GxP environment.

ANALYST - Chromatography

Scientific background with working experience with (U)HPLC and/or Capillary electrophoresis.ability to work in a regulated environment.

Quality Assurance Associate

Scientific background, relevant experience in a similar role in the pharmaceutical industry.


Relevant working experience in the pharmaceutical industry in a GMP environment. Strong project management skills and good knowledge of analytical methods development.

SPECIALIST - Physico-chemistry

Good knowledge of (U)HPLC in applying existing analytical methods. Working experience in a regulated environment. Fluent in French, ability to read and write in English.


(U)HPLC strong expertise in a GMP environment. Fluent in French. Working experience with large molecules.

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