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European leader in analytical sciences

Quality Assistance S.A. is a leading European Contract Research Organisation providing the pharmaceutical industry with all the analytical services required by EMA and FDA regulations for the development and marketing of innovative human medicinal products.

The company holds a unique position on the market thanks to having all its laboratories on one site, 220 highly qualified professionals and more than 35 years’ expertise at the forefront of analytical sciences.

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Our Challenge 2015-2021

Innovative Drugs

New Biological Entities

To accelerate the development and marketing of your NBEs, Quality Assistance offers a complete analytical package to meet the EMA and FDA requirements, all on one site. Whether it is to extend your analytical capacities or to outsource parts or all of your analytical needs, our skilled teams are here to support your developments of mAbs, ADCs and proteins.

New Chemical Entities

Our added value brings together a sound expertise in the analytical development of small molecules along with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, all on one site. Quality Assistance is your analytical partner providing customised solutions in terms of analytical protocols and innovative technologies throughout non-clinical and clinical development.

Nanomedicine Products

Each nanomedicine is unique and requires sound analytical expertise, innovative technical solutions and, above all, real extensive scientific support. Quality Assistance provides this support, using a customised approach to help you move your nanomedicine products through non-clinical and clinical development towards registration.

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Whatever the type of antigen, Quality Assistance covers a wide range of analytical technologies needed to support vaccine development, including product characterisation, development and validation of analytical methods, stability studies, batch testing and bioanalysis to support immunogenicity and protection studies.

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Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Quality Assistance offers extensive experience with analytical development and validation as well as GMP/GLP compliant laboratories to assist in the development of your gene therapy and cell-based medicinal products.


Building on its considerable experience in the analysis of complex innovative drugs, Quality Assistance is continuously advancing ways to support the development of your mRNA-based therapeutics and expanding its related machinery and equipment.

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