CytoFlex LX

Our latest FACS model features 6 active lasers and can perform up to 21 color marker analysis, allowing us to reduce cross talk and spectral overlap


A laser light beam of a single wavelength is aimed at a flow cell, in which a stream of fluid carries the cells to be analysed. Forward Scatter, Side Scatter and fluorescent detectors are aimed at the point where the fluid passes through the light beam.

Each suspended particle passing through the beam scatters the ray whilst fluorescent chemicals found in the particle or attached to the particle may be excited into emitting light. This combination of scattered and fluorescent light is captured by the detectors and, by analysing fluctuations in brightness at each detector, it is then possible to obtain various types of information about the chemical and physical structure of each individual particle.


At Quality Assistance, flow cytometers are used for the qualitative and quantitative measurement of biological and physical properties of cells, with applications in:

  • Phenotypic screening
  • Ligand binding assays
  • Viability/proliferation/cell cycle determination
  • Biomarker discovery

Download our technical sheet to learn more about the equipment characteristics and applications in a GMP environment

Quality Assistance CytoFlex LX
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