BEBPA : EUR Bioassay Conference 2020 - Virtual Conference

Budapest, Hungary

Quality Assistance will attend the BEBPA EUR Bioassay Virtual Conference!

During the development of a biopharmaceutical product, the potency assay is considered as essential to quantify the biological effect of the product. All the analytical results obtained for a therapeutic protein have to be correlated with the bioassay results.

Quality Assistance is specialised in the development and/or optimisation, validation and transfer of a very wide range of potency assays. Analytical work is performed in a GMP-compliant environment according to the sponsor’s requirements.

Scientific soundness for your bioassays:

  • cell differentiation assays

  • migration, proliferative and cell death assays

  • gene reporter assays

  • cytotoxicity including ADCC and CDC

  • receptor binding and activation assays

Your one-stop shop for analytical services providing:

  • customised solutions in terms of analytical protocols and innovative technologies throughout non-clinical and clinical development

  • a full range of equipment for your bioassays

  • regulatory, scientific and technical excellence with a problem-solving approach

  • compliance with all applicable EMA, FDA and ICH regulations

  • GMP, GLP, GCLP/GCP environment

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