Clinam 2017

Basel, Switzerland

Quality Assistance attended the Clinam !

CLINAM welcomed again more than 500 participants from the community of Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine and aimed at brings together the pioneers and worldwide opinion leaders, not only to learn and discuss but also to develop new ideas, create new collaborative projects and shape the future.

Last year’s participating experts from 39 countries appreciate CLINAM Foundation’s role as the service provider for Nanomedicine and we will do everything necessary to surpass the expectation of the participants and to build a fruitful event that contributes to the important tasks in human healthcare that still await solutions.

This is the 10th Summit of its kind. The CLINAM Foundation used the opportunity of this Jubilee to present a programme with a strong focus on the route of nanomedicine from basic and enabling sciences to successful clinical applications in targeted and precision medicine and related fields, to discuss critically common bottlenecks based on the experience of the past decade by our broad international expert community. Over the past decade, the CLINAM Summit evolved to an exquisite and globally unique event that brings together all stakeholders in Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine.

It builds on the principle that fundamental scientists, developers and professionals in clinical application and in all to Nanomedicine related fields can mutually learn from each other to find better solutions for the medicine of the future.

Based on recent groundbreaking achievements, the next meeting in May highlighted :

  • The scientific basis of nanomedicine
  • New developments in analytic and diagnostic technologies
  • Targeting and personalization
  • Improved understanding of the mechanisms of nano interacting with life
  • Pitfalls of nano in medicine
  • The impact of digital technologies and modeling on nanomedicine
  • Experimental and clinical application digital technologies and modeling on nanomedicine
  • Nanomedical Immunotherapies
  • The pathway to safe nanomedicines, to enable breakthroughs in successful clinical applications
  • The entrepreneurial pathways for Nanomedicine
  • Plenary sessions will highlight the most recent and provocative developments.


Ms Caroline Cajot, Scientific Manager NCEs & Dr Pierre Baudoux, Key Account Manager were be delighted to welcome you !



Congress center
Messeplatz 21
4058 Basel, Switzerland

More info and registration:

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