Quality Assistance acquires a SoloVPE system

20th November 2019

The SoloVPE System is based on the Slope Spectroscopy® technique. Unlike traditional UV-Vis methods that rely on a single absorbance value, Slope Spectroscopy methods uses absorbance measurements at different pathlengths to determine sample concentration using the Slope Spectroscopy Equation which is derived from the Beer-Lambert Law. The variable pathlength technology in the SoloVPE allows even highly concentrated samples to be measured usually without dilution and baseline correction.

Although this system is able to analyse a wide range of samples, the main application at Quality Assistance will be the determination of protein concentration in therapeutic protein samples. Especially for high-concentration samples, the Slope Spectroscopy technique will provide high quality results, without the need for baseline correction and manual sample dilution steps that usually impact variability.

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Solo VPE System quality assistance