Renewal of our Research Tax Credit approval

4th July 2024

Quality Assistance’s Research Tax Credit accreditation has been renewed until 2028.


MESRI Quality Assistance CIR

The Research Tax Credit is a tax measure enabling your pharmaceutical company to deduct part of your investment in research and development from your corporation tax.

The aim of this public aid is to reduce the costs incurred by companies in their efforts to innovate.

Why is this significant?

By collaborating with Quality Assistance, your company can benefit from tax incentives related to the Research Tax Credit (up to 30% of subcontracted R&D expenditures).


By renewing our accreditation, we are continuing to support your innovative projects.

Accréditation CIR

We are your reference partner for analytical services.

Founded in 1982, Quality Assistance has become a European benchmark for major pharmaceutical companies and biotechs alike.

We distinguish ourselves by offering our clients customised solutions, tailored to the drugs under study, including the definition of analytical protocols and specific analytical methods, as well as the mobilisation of a full range of cutting-edge equipment for the acquisition and interpretation of the data required for the registration dossier submitted to the competent authorities, the EMA and the FDA.

Objective: accelerate the development and marketing of your products

Quality Assistance stands out by centralising all its analytical skills and services on a single site in Thuin, Belgium.

We offer the full range of analytical services required for the pharmaceutical development of innovative medicines derived from

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