The SoloVPE technology (Variable Pathlength Extension) offers a reliable way for concentration measurement and also for extinction coefficient determination. This can be applied through all stages of product development, from discovery to quality control including stability studies and batch-to-batch consistency evaluation.

The SoloVPE technology allows even highly concentrated samples to be measured without dilution. Depending on the vessel and the properties of the sample, only <10μL to 2.5 mL of the sample is necessary.

Quality Assistance is equipped with 2 SoloVPE systems with a Cary 60 spectrophotometer (Agilent), available in a fully GxP-compliant. Although this system is able to analyse a wide range of samples, the main application at Quality Assistance will be the determination of protein concentration in therapeutic protein samples. Especially for high-concentration samples, the Slope Spectroscopy technique will provide high quality results, without the need for baseline correction and manual sample dilution steps that usually impact variability.

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