Surface Plasmon Resonance

Biotherapeutics are a class of complex molecules which required the use of innovative techniques for their characterisation. Biacore technology offers label-free assays that provide precise and reliable concentration and kinetic measurement. This can be applied through all stages of product development, from discovery to quality control including stability studies and batch-to-batch consistency evaluation.

Surface plasmon resonance assays using Biacore T200 were developed in order to:

  • Determine analyte active concentration using calibration-free analysis (CFCA).

  • Determine affinity and kinetics parameters of monoclonal antibodies with Fc receptors expressed on the effector cells. 

  • Compare biotherapeutics kinetics using the sensorgram comparison tool.

  • Determine binding parameters of monoclonal antibody (adalimumab) with its target (TNFα).

  • Determine the concentration of Influenza virus using hemagglutinin calibration curve

Surface Plasmon Resonance Biacore Quality Assistance
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