Quality Assistance achieves its 2015 goal of 500 innovative drugs

18th October 2021

Donstiennes (Belgium), 18th October 2021. Quality Assistance achieves its goal of 500 innovative drugs! Since 2015, the teams of the contract research organisation have contributed to the development of 500 innovative drugs, some of which are now on the market. These 500 new therapeutic molecules are involved in the treatment or prevention of chronic, debilitating, rare or fatal diseases, including many types of cancer, endocrine diseases, neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s), SARS-CoV-2, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, metabolic diseases, or even AIDS.

« Since 2015, we have worked on 500 new innovative drugs that have already changed or will soon change the lives of human beings, respond to patients’ needs, give hope, provide new or additional solutions to prevent, cure or save time against chronic, debilitating, rare or fatal diseases. This is the purpose of each of our jobs and the vision of our company. » explains Nathalie Draux, Chief Operations Officer at Quality Assistance.

Since 1982, with its experience, reliability and scientific, organisational and financial stability, Quality Assistance has become a true European benchmark as much for the large pharmaceutical companies as for biotech start-ups it supports during the development phases of new medicines such as immunotherapy, mRNA, conjugated antibodies, new chemical entities, oligonucleotides, nanomedicines, vaccines, cell and gene therapies.

Nathalie Draux adds « Our role is essential. Our clients innovate and trust us to take care in bringing their innovations to market with them. Our responsibility to them, and to all the patients concerned, is to be relentlessly aligned with our values of respect, commitment and excellence, throughout the management and co-development of their projects, in order to accelerate the marketing of the drugs of tomorrow. »

From a financial point of view, the company has accumulated years of record performance with 10% of average annual growth over 5 years and closed 2020 with a turnover of 23.1 million euros with 78% resulting from exports. In order to continue to support the innovation of its clients as well as its internal R&D, Quality Assistance continues to invest in order to grow its operating site located in Donstiennes (Belgium). This extension project will allow the company to both accelerate the marketing of new treatments and medicines and to support the employment of highly qualified personnel.

Press relations:

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Corporate Communications Manager

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