Quality Assistance replicates its DNA and expands from 6,000 to 12,000 m²

3rd May 2022

Thuin, 3 May 2022 - Quality Assistance invests yet again in its unique site at the Technoparc de Thudinie thus confirming its strategy of centralising its offering of analytical services to pharmaceutical companies and biotechs. The MITOSE expansion project, whose name refers to DNA replication, aims to create 6,000 m² of additional facilities and 100 new highly qualified jobs.

Over the past 40 years, Quality Assistance has forged a solid international reputation and is positioned today as a benchmark partner for the innovative pharmaceutical industry. The company’s strongly motivated leaders are conscious of the impact of the company’s activities, both in terms of public health and regional economic health. Founded in 1982, the contract research organisation has been operating from Donstiennes since 1992 where it continues to pursue robust organic growth. From a financial perspective, Quality Assistance has thus achieved years of record performance, with an average annual growth over the last 5 years of 12%, and closed 2021 with 27.2 million euros in sales, and an export share of 75%.

The MITOSE project represents a new major step for Quality Assistance, already a European leader in analytical sciences. Philippe Draux, founder and Chief Executive Officer, is excited by this 4th historic investment phase: “This new expansion project pursues objectives related to strategic positioning and capacity increase in order to meet the concrete and growing needs of the pharmaceutical sector, in terms of expertise and support. With a total budget of 20 million euros, we are not only investing in a building but resolutely in our value proposition and our commitment to public health. This new infrastructure, along with the Knowledge Management programme and QA Pharma School, will allow us to implement an ambitious plan related to the development and training of our employees in pharmaceutical, regulatory, scientific and analytical matters in order to always better support our clients.”

By doubling the company’s operational capacity by 2024, Quality Assistance reaffirms its willingness to replicate its DNA by continuing to put people and its clients at the centre of its priorities. Nathalie Draux, Chief Operations Officer, comments on this turning point in the company’s history: “We are definitively leaving the SME status and joining the major European research companies. This expansion project will allow us to grow our talent, currently numbering 230 team members, to a total capacity of 350 and to dedicate 3,000 m² to the training, the development of their business as well as interpersonal skills, and the well-being of our team. At the same time, we are increasing our operational capacities by 50% in order to meet the growing demand of our clients and to continue to develop our expertise and services dedicated to more emerging markets such as messenger RNA, products of cell and gene therapies, and viral vectors.”

This is a key step for Quality Assistance. Nathalie Draux concludes: “At its core, the MITOSE project is a human challenge. We must strengthen our privileged partner position and increase our operational capacity, while protecting the family nature and goodwill of our business. In other words, succeeding in perfectly replicating our DNA.”

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