Absolute quantification of mAbs and ADCs: forget amino acid analysis and shift to the new gold standard

Dr Arnaud Delobel

Absolute quantification of proteins (i.e. quantification without the need for a reference standard) is a key analysis for the qualification of reference standards or to determine the extinction coefficient of a protein. It is usually performed using amino acid analysis, but this technique shows limited accuracy and repeatability.

Quality Assistance has developed an innovative method based on the quantification of sulphur by isotope dilution ICP/MS. Unprecedented precision and accuracy can be obtained, which provides a reliable quantification of proteins and determination of extinction coefficients.

During this webinar, we outlined the steps we took to successfully develop this test solution, the results of the validation study, and the application of the method to monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates.

This method was recently nominated for the essenscia Innovation Award and included in the list of 5 high-potential innovations.

Webinar Arnaud delobel absolute quantification of proteins
Access this 45-minute-webinar to learn how ICP/MS can be used for the absolute quantification of proteins, with precision and accuracy that cannot be reached with amino acid analysis.