Innovative 2D-LC/MS approaches for the analysis of therapeutic proteins in a regulated environment

Dr. Arnaud Delobel
SEP 2021

Discover more about our applications of 2D-LC/MS at Quality Assistance and how those systems can be used in regulated environments for the characterisation of biotherapeutics.

Arnaud Delobel, R&D Director at Quality Assistance and member of the scientific committee at SEP 2021 conference, presented our recent developments on this topic including:

  • Multiple Heartcut 2D-LC in practice

  • Applications of 2D-LC/MS at Quality Assistance

  • Characterisation of monoclonal antibodies

    • Identification of charge variants

    • Identification of mass variants

  • Characterisation of ADCs

    • Identification of isomers

    • Identification of small molecule impurities

    • Quantification of free drug and related species

  • NCEs

    • Identification or unknown peaks after non-MS-compatible LC separations

    • Peak-purity analysis, detection of coeluting species