Customised labelling of antibodies: A powerful tool for multi-parameters analyses in Flow Cytometry

Valérie Deffontaine
Fabian Vandermeers
Capucine Lepers
Géry Van Vyncht
Arnaud Delobel

The characterisation of biomarkers by flow cytometry is an attractive approach for Quality Control applications of cell products. Unfortunately, the design of a customised panel remains challenging, especially for stem cell products. The aim of this study was to generate customised labelled antibodies with three classes of fluorochromes allowing multi-parameters analyses by flow cytometry. The “in-house” labelled antibodies were compared to their commercial counterparts and their stability was evaluated. These antibodies were used in the context of a method validation to evaluate their intrinsic performances.

Our protocol allows the labelling of antibodies with fluorochromes that match the customer’s and regulator’s needs. The “16/3” validation design used in this study allows the generation of a complete dataset suitable for meaningful statistical analyses.