Antibody Industrial Symposium 2020


Quality Assistance attended the Antibody Industrial Symposium !

With more than 35 years’ experience, Quality Assistance has become a leader in analytical sciences and holds a unique position on the market with all its laboratories on one site and 200 highly qualified professionals.

To speed up the development and marketing of your NBEs, Quality Assistance offers all analytical services required by EMA and FDA, all on one site. Whether it is to extend your analytical capacities or outsource parts or all of your analytical needs, our skilled teams are here to support your developments for mAbs, ADCs and proteins.

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Characterisation studies

  • Characterisation by MS

  • Characterisation of N-glycosylation

  • Study of mass variants and protein aggregation

  • Higher-order structure analysis

  • Determination of molar extinction coefficient



  • Drug assays in PK/TK samples

  • Vehicles

  • ADA Screening assays

  • ADA Confirmatory assays


Click here to access our poster on the characterisation of monoclonal antibodies in cell supernatants by 2D-LC/MS

characterisation mAbs 2D LC MS


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