Gaining Time with Size Exclusion Method Development

Arnaud Delobel

Webinar organised by Waters Corporation

In this webinar recording, we discussed the main challenges related to method development of size exclusion chromatography separations. You will learn how Waters Corporation developed the MaxPeak Premier SEC Column technology to specifically address those challenges and meet its clients’ needs, including:

  • reduced non-specific interactions between the protein and the column
  • platform methods for SEC method development
  • better detection and quantification of fragments through improved resolution
  • the ability to confirm UV results and to characterise samples using native SEC-MS

In addition, Arnaud Delobel, R&D Director at Quality Assistance, described the advantages of the new MaxPeak Premier technology using real application examples.

Access the webinar recording: click here and register now to receive a link to access the recording (Arnaud Delobel’s presentation will start at 11 minutes and 40 seconds).

Download the slides of the presentation below